Introduction to Gua Sha

Introduction to Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a healing technique that was founded by doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is now practiced globally.

These stones have become incredibly trendy which is amazing; however, it is important to share the 'tradition behind the trend'. 

A primary function of these precious stones is lymphatic drainage. Our lymphatic system governs our skin health, and our skin is a roadmap for what is going on within our bodies.

The lymph system functions similarly to a sponge, it absorbs and retains bodily fluids/waste (hello puffiness). This system does not have a natural pump to clear the wastage like our circulatory system; therefore, can become stagnant within our body.

Gua Sha works to clear the stagnation from the lymph system, removing toxins and cellular waste. The built up fluid is moved through muscle contraction (ex: exercising). The Gua Sha manually pushes the fluid into the circulatory system where natural drainage can occur. When our lymphatic system is flowing optimally, our cells are nourished with fresh blood & re-oxygenated which gives your skin that beautiful glow. 

Across the entire body is a connective tissue called fascia, which is primarily made up of collagen. This connective tissue is responsible for elasticity and muscle movement (mobility).  When we have fascial expressions (laughing, frowning, smiling), it causes tension, wear-&-tear & eventually leads to unwanted lines and wrinkles. Facial Gua Sha acts as a solution to poor elasticity by breaking apart the tense/hardened fascia and smoothing fine lines.

Similar to going to the gym, reaping the full benefits of Gua Sha requires consistency & intention. Practicing gua sha daily is a preventative and meditative ritual to enhance your wellness both internally & externally.

*Bonus* Your purchase makes a difference. Each stone removes 50 plastic bottles from the ocean and provides premium wages to those collecting them. 

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