Introduction to TCM

Introduction to TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an integrative, preventative, whole body approach to medicine. There are several modalities used such as acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, moxibustion, exercise and diet therapy.

TCM see's the entire body as a whole. When a symptom or illness presents itself, TCM will treat the entire body; not just the specific issue. This approach brings your body back to it's healthy state of optimal function which prevents other diseases from also invading. 

Because TCM proactively treats the entire body vs reacting to a symptom, it can require time to notice the full effectiveness. It also requires consistency & maintenance. Acute conditions may require less time while chronic conditions typically require more time. 

TCM heavily considers lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, diet and exercise. Although recommendations can be made, your acupuncturist/ TCM doctor cannot implement them for you. Acupuncture & herbal medicine can however, help your body adapt better to your lifestyle based on your individual diagnosis.

While there is absolutely a time and a place for Western medicine, TCM addresses the root cause of the problem in order to bring your entire body back to homeostasis. Our body is self regulating; meaning, our body is intelligent and designed to keep us alive. Chinese medicine works with the body to:

1) Eliminate illness in the body by addressing the root cause

2) Strengthen the entire body to eliminate illness from entering

Western medicine focuses on fixing the symptom vs addressing the why. This approach often leads to pills or procedures which is quick; however, reactive and often doesn't consider lifestyle factors.

Chinese Medicine is extremely empowering in that it puts health into our own hands. We have the opportunity to provide optimal conditions for our body and mind with the help of preventative medicine. TCM helps us achieve exuberant health long before we are in a state of pain, early aging, obesity, etc. 

Without health we have nothing. We lose the potential to earn, play, help others, & live an incredible life. Health and freedom are the fundamental factors to achieving greatness & leaving an impact. Now more than it is essential to take health into our own hands so that we can be all that we are destined to be!

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