Gua sha facial

Get lifted | Gua Sha Facial 

The gua sha facial is a traditional, result-driven, facial focusing on lymphatic drainage. It is designed to improve the over health of your skin by removing stagnation & creating space for the free flow of oxygen-rich blood & lymph. The lymphatic system is a network of superficial pathways that carries waste & toxins out of the body. When there is blockages & stagnation in the lymph, it can cause breakouts, fluid retention (puffy eyes, jowls), lower immunity, fatigue, bloating & sluggishness.

During the facial we use a variety of skin tools & facial massage techniques on the face, neck, décolletage & scalp. While most facials focus on the external skin barrier, the traditional gua sha facial also focuses on the internal network beneath the skin surface. Best results occur with consistent sessions & at home maintenance between appointments.

45 minutes | $150

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Please wait 2 weeks after getting Botox or fillers to schedule an appointment
This treatment is not recommended for those with acne prone skin
This treatment includes a scalp massage, come on hair wash day!
This treatment does not involve any needles
This treatment can NOT be claimed with insurance benefits