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by S T A C Y

Bian Gua Sha

Bian Gua Sha

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Our custom made bian gua sha tool was created with the intention of intersecting wellness & beauty through TCM. We thoughtfully designed this stone with both smooth & jagged edges to allow for a personalized gua sha ritual. Each curve is intended to hug your skin; promoting lifted, sculpted & glowing skin.


- Curved ridge: It's no secret that stress can manifest itself in several ways. Some common physical manifestations are tight muscles, jaw tension & stressed temples. The curved ridge in this stone is designed to melt tension & release tight muscles.

*Bonus tip, try the ridged edge on your shoulders, forearms & legs

-Stress & emotions: Skin flare ups, adrenal fatigue/burnout, poor sleep are all things that we, as a collective experience. Using gua sha as a meditative ritual is a great way to reduce anxiety. Create a calm environment and focus on breathwork, slow movements & grounding.

-Bian- Our stone is made from 100% natural & ethically sourced bian. It is said to emit ultrasound pulsations, far infrared rays & negative ions; all of which are known for their antioxidant & antiaging effects on our DNA & cells.


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